Women will Play Golf after Hearing this

Women will Play Golf after Hearing this

It is usually assumed that golf is mostly played by men but you will be surprised how much this game has an open door policy whereby any gender can participate. It could also be that women find golf boring but maybe if they knew what benefits golf can have on their professional life then they will ditch their weekend days at the spa for golf. Men play golf not just as a sport. They also play it for health reasons, to pass time and also to close on business deals. That’s right non-formal settings provide the best context for business and which sport speaks business more than golf?

Catalyst, a prestigious research firm dedicated to expanding opportunities for women in business, found that 46% of women surveyed noted “exclusion from informal networks” as the biggest impediment to reaching their career goals, with golf being one of the leading informal networks from which women felt excluded. The obvious question being: Why are women excluded from golf? Are women being purposely excluded, or are women sometimes excluding themselves? The answer to both is yes.

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Is it true that women are being excluded from playing golf? If it is then it is very sad for such a thing to be happening in this day and age. There are private golf clubs which allow men only. As much as they do have freedom of admission, such clubs should not be allowed to host any kind of golf tournaments as such would send the message that it is okay for women to be sidelined.

The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation says that men-only policies damage the reputation of golf generally. The charity, which aims to get women more involved in sport claims that 15 per cent of Scottish men play golf once a month but just two per cent of Scottish women do so. Their chief executive Sue Tibballs said: “While it may be lawful for private member clubs to remain men-only, it is clearly damaging to the sport’s reputation that these iconic clubs don’t allow female members.

Last year Gordon Brown accused the Royal and Ancient Club in St Andrews, of perpetuating discrimination by refusing to admit women as members. The club is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world and until 2004 it was one of the governing bodies of the game.

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Women should do a little more. They too have a right to golf. If other golf clubs won’t admit ladies then ladies can do something about it. Golfing has a lot of benefits. You will have a fit body and you will interact will all sorts of people which is good for both your personal and professional life.

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Golf is a great way to burn calories without noticing. As it is more about endurance rather than extreme physical exertion, anyone can learn golf. Golf requires anywhere from 1.5 – 5 hours of walking and swinging ta club, depending on how many holes you decide to play. The average golfer will burn around 1500 calories per 18 holes of golf!


Golf is one of the most social sports ever invented. You have time to talk about pretty much anything with your friends and partners during a round of golf! Golfers tend to be a member of one particular club even though they may play other courses, and most golf clubs have ladies’ mornings and competitions, encouraging members to meet and socialise. Learning golf is a really fun thing to do with one or more friends. A golf club is a great community to be a part of at any age.

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