Now you can Golf like a Pro

Now you can Golf like a Pro

Many people admire the way professional golfers play and they like watching at the sidelines well you can also become a pro. All it takes is discipline and training. Of course there are other things in between. You should hire a good coach who will train and you should also increase the speed of your swing.

Step 1

Hire a coach. If you’re a beginner, take lessons with a local PGA pro. If you’re a low-handicap player, use the best swing coach you can find. Even top PGA Tour pros use swing coaches. For example, Butch Harmon has worked with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman and Ernie Els. Hank Haney has coached “over 200 touring professionals,” according to his website, including Woods and Mark O’Meara. Publications such as “Golf Digest” and “Golf Magazine” publish lists of the top golf instructors in the United States.

Step 2

Increase your swing speed. “Golf Digest” reports that a player who typically scores in the 80s has a swing speed of about 89 mph. The 123.24 mph swing of 2012 Masters champion Bubba Watson is among the fastest on the PGA Tour, according to 2009 PGA Tour statistics. Golf writer Steve Newell says a slow swing speed is often caused by a reverse pivot, in which a golfer shifts his weight forward during his backswing, then backwards during the downswing. Off the tee, Newell suggests setting up with 60 percent of your weight on the back foot. Shift another 10 percent of your weight to the right foot (for a right-handed player) on your backswing, then shift your weight forward during your downswing.

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Playing like a professional means being fit like one. You should always exercise and your coach will tell you the right way to do so. You should always warm up before a game so as to improve your swing. You should also stretch your feet since you will be walking all over the course as you follow your golf ball.

Always Warm Up

“Oftentimes the error for the amateur golfer is that they get to the tee late, they don’t warm up and the first three to four holes for their round is just disastrous.” Cochran recommends running through 5-10 minutes of dynamic warm ups. Try this: Start with ankle presses, move on to bent-knee side-to-side left swings, straight leg swings, wall slides, shoulder turns, and torso back swings.

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And Stretch Your Feet

After four and a half hours walking the course, the feet can become tired and tight. “One thing I recommend with a lot of my athletes that I have them doing on a daily basis is what I call, is just basically a self massage with a golf ball on the bottoms of their feet,” Cochran said. “I sometimes suggest it when you wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night when you’re brushing your teeth, just roll the bottoms of your foot.

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Now before you go play like a pro you will hear voices in your head or even your friends telling you that golf is an expensive game that takes all your time. We refer to those thoughts as myths. Anyone can play golf. Golf is not just for men, women can play too.

Myth 1# Golf takes all day to play

Golf can take no longer than any other hobby or pastime, there are quicker ways to play the game that fit in with busy lifestyles in which two hours is now the span for most leisure activities such as going to the cinema, dinning out, playing tennis, bowling, going to the gym.

Myth 2# Golf is a game for men

Golf is a game for all. Unlike any other sport, golf’s unique handicap system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together. There are some great women players, such as Laura Davies, Annika Sorenstam and Paula Creamer.

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